The Absent Prince: In Search of missing men. Published by The Conrad Press, June 2020. Shortlisted for the Wishing Shelf Book Award for Non-Fiction.

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‘Una looks with clear-eyed, steady compassion at her engrossing & complicated family history – many times in the book I thought we should all know our heritage this well – we might be less quick to judge and find wanting the people we love.’
Paula Boyle Coaching and Facilitation

‘The author is part psychotherapist, part detective and part poetic healer.’
Nicola Dunn Constellations

‘Piecing together the small steps and great sweep of her family over the course of some 64 years (1933-1997), the author peels back the veneer of how they coped — how we cope — with what life brings. As in all good stories, there is intrigue, betrayal, triumph. And, as in all great memoir, the reality of actual life unfolding touches readers in surprising ways, as though the characters are tapping us on the shoulder to fill in the missing bits of narrative only hinted at in the letters and other documents from which the author draws. The book got me thinking more deeply about the essential legacy, beyond the material, of my predecessors — and the “inheritance” I pass to my son, and to the future. A rich read (and after-read).’
Suzi Tucker, author of Gather Enough Fireflies


Whiteness Is Not an Ancestor: Essays on Life and Lineage by white Women. Edited and Foreword by Lisa Iversen. Published by CAB publishing. October 2020.

Shortlisted for the Nancy  Pearl Award for Best Memoir.

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This anthology of essays includes The Cuckoo that Laid the Golden Egg: The legacy of Nazi gold in Switzerland by Una Suseli O’Connell

‘…a fascinating look at whiteness through the lenses of American racism and Jewish Americans; the Swiss and Nazi collaborations; displacement by war; relationship to unceded tribal Native lands; and German ethnicity and reparations…a good reminder for Americans that whiteness may be expressed differently depending on the country and culture, but has always been associated with privilege and oppression.’
Patricia L. Dawson, MD, PhD, FACS. Medical Director, Office of Healthcare Equity, UW Medicine

‘To even consider looking into the mirror of history without looking away from the face of the perpetrator takes tremendous courage. Each and every woman in this book started the painful process of looking at themselves and their family’s history. This book is a rare and necessary document for which each voice including author Lisa Iversen deserves the deepest respect’
Daan van Kampenhout, author of The Tears of the Ancestors: Victims and Perpetrators in the Tribal Soul


I Have Come to Say You Goodbye:

A History of The School of English Studies, Folkestone 1959-2017



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