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Bullying – a longing to belong

Bullying, whether physical or emotional, is an attempt to compensate for feeling unprotected. It is a display that masks a sense of powerlessness. At heart, it is a longing to belong, a quest for a cast iron certainty that our place in the group is guaranteed, always.
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The Stones of Belonging – working systemically in primary schools‘

Sometimes grown-ups stop loving each other, one parent may move away, to another town or even to another country, but our parents remain our parents and we remain their children. We belong to our families and they belong to us for a lifetime’.
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‘This article was first published in ‘The Knowing Field’, January 2012 and in ‘Conexao Sistemica Sul’, Brazil, February 2012.

‘There’s no Place like Home’ …. if only we can locate our inner maps.

‘Many of us seem to have relinquished a conscious need to belong in favour of greater personal freedom and independence. How can we understand this concept of belonging to a place ? How does it define who we are ? We inherit our nationality through our parents. We have no choice in the matter. How connected are we, unconsciously, to the countries we inherit through our ancestors?’.
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A Swiss Memory

‘My father sailed back to New York for the start of the new term and my mother remained in Bern, awaiting her American visa’.
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Like mother like daughter

 “May you never lay your head down / Without a hand to hold / May you never make your bed out in the cold” – May You Never by John Martyn

‘It was a Friday night in 1976 and I was driving to a party in my mum’s Mini. Back then, we all listened to the pirate radio stations and every Sunday night, between 9pm and 11pm, Radio Caroline would play a listener’s personal Top 30’. 
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